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Dental issues in children and precautions

Posted by Modesto Kidz Dental on Feb 18 2020, 03:53 AM

Children are more prone to dental issues because of unhealthy eating habits. This stage is very important for kids as many teeth problems comes in childhood. Even, parents should also take care of children and can take help of Dentist in Modesto. Brush teeth twice a day is very important for kids’ oral health.

How to prevent tooth decay in children

  • You should start to clean baby’s teeth as soon as they come out. Some parents ignore this practice and in later stages, children face many dental problems. You can use a wet cloth or small toothbrushes but you need to be very careful while doing this.
  • Other main thing is that from 18 months to 6 years old, kids should use low-fluoride toothpaste on a small & soft toothbrush. After 6 years old, children can use standard fluoride toothpaste.
  • If you don’t get fluoride-contained water then you should consult dentists.
  • It is important that children brush both teeth & gums together because in some cases, we forget to clean our gums and this can lead to many gum problems like Gingivitis, Swollen and Red gums.
  • You need to give company to kids while brushing as you can guide them properly.

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