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Pulpotomy / Pulpectomy

Pulpotomy / Pulpectomy

Modesto Kidz Dental Care provides you with a complete range of quality dental services for the youngest members of your family. We specialize in pulpotomy/pulpectomy when needed to maintain your children’s young teeth. These procedures generally referred to as pulp therapy in pediatric dentistry are typically need when cavities or traumatic injury occurs. Pulp therapy may also be referred to as a baby root canals.

Understanding the pulp of the tooth: Inside the tooth is the pulp which is nestled in the soft tissue or the nerve. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue and reparative cells.

What is a pulpotomy? During a pulpotomy, your dentist will remove the infected pulp tissue within the crown portion of the tooth. A medicine to treat the infection and calm the remaining nerve tissue is applied. Next, a crown is put in place to seal the tooth.

What is pulpectomy? When the entire pulp is involved, a pulpectomy will be required. During this treatment, your dental team at Modesto Kidz Dental will completely remove diseased pulp tissue from both the crown and root. The canals are then cleansed and medicated then covered with a crown.

Modesto Kidz Dental is here for you when your child needs pulp therapy. We will always work hard to relieve your child’s source of pain, protect as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, and keep the experience comfortable and positive every step of the way. Count on Modesto Kidz Dental when problems occur or for routine examinations for preventive maintenance. Contact us at (209) 578-3131 to schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team today.

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