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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Modesto Kidz Dental understands that dental emergencies happen, especially with kids. We will always be here for you to assist when emergencies occur, no matter how big or small. We specialize in many aspects of emergency dentistry, including:

1. Toothache- Common causes of toothache include: tooth fractures, tooth decay, tooth trauma and wisdom teeth eruption. If your child is experiencing tooth pain, contact Modesto Kidz Dental as soon as possible to help treat the issue.

2. Knocked Out Tooth - It’s not uncommon for a tooth to get knocked out of an active child’s mouth. Emergency dentistry treatment in the office of Modesto Kidz Dental can save the tooth and treat any surrounding issues.

3. Dental Intrusion - A dental intrusion is when the tooth is pushed into the jawbone during trauma or accident. We’ll work to correct the problem and ensure there is no damage to the tooth’s ligament or a fracture to the socket.

4. Broken Tooth - When a broken tooth occurs, the team at Modesto Kidz will carefully assess the best course of treatment.

5. Root Fracture - X-rays will be required to determine if a root fracture is suspected. The tooth, depending on the pain level of the child, maybe monitored or treated immediately.

6. Dental Concussion - A tooth that has not been dislodged from its socket or fractured, but has received a bang or knock, can cause a tooth to discolor permanently or temporarily.

We always hope that emergency dentistry is not needed, but when it is, be sure to call Modesto Kidz Dental for the very best in dental care. Trust your little ones’ precious smile to the experienced team in Modesto. We’re here to help at (209) 578-3131.

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