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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

At Modesto Kidz Dental, we are proud to provide a family-friendly, positive experience for our young dental patients. The dental team at Modesto Kidz Dental provides a wide range of pediatric dentistry services including:

1. Dental crowns - Modesto Kidz Dental specializes in dental crowns to correct issues including broken and damaged teeth.

2. Fluoride applications- Protect your child’s teeth with professional fluoride applications that can help to prevent cavities.

3. Full examinations with digital X-rays- The best oral health starts with professional exams that include digital X-rays and professional cleanings from the team at Modesto Kidz Dental.

4. Sealants- Sealants can be an excellent barrier to help prevent cavities in hard-to-reach back teeth that are more cavity-prone. Ask if sealants are right for you during your next appointment at Modesto Kidz Dental.

5. Fillings- Natural-looking fillings can repair decay, cracks, fractures and other damage to teeth.

6. Emergency dentistry services - We will always do our best to accommodate you and your child in case of emergency.

7. Pulpotomy- When a young tooth is infected, a pulpotomy may be needed. Our office offers many sedation options to keep our patients comfortable and create an overall positive dental experience.

8. Space maintainers- When baby teeth are lost prematurely, a space maintainer may be required to keep teeth in place.

Kids enjoy our bright and open underwater-themed office. To keep our patients comfortable, we offer anesthetic options including local anesthesia and laughing gas. Get started with the very best in oral health today. The friendly and professional staff at Modesto Kidz Dental is standing by to set up your appointment at (209) 578-3131.

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