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How Kids Can Maintain a Healthy Smile During Thanksgiving

Posted by MODESTO KIDZ DENTAL on Nov 10 2022, 05:46 AM

Thanksgiving is a time for family, fun, and food. Unfortunately, it can also lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can be especially for kids who might be super-excited to meet everyone. Read on for some tips to keep your child's smile in tip-top shape this Thanksgiving!

Foods To Avoid for Your Children's Teeth

Thanksgiving dinner is a great time to enjoy family, friends, and food. However, not all foods are beneficial or good for your child's teeth. Here are a few things to avoid to keep your child's smile healthy through the holidays;

  • Soda and sugary drinks are bad for your teeth because bacteria feed off the sugar in sodas and produce an acid that erodes enamel. This acid makes up plaque on your teeth that can cause tooth decay. Instead, offer your kids water to drink throughout the day. Water helps rinse food particles from their teeth after eating.
  • Sticky and sweet snacks like candy, honey, and dried fruit are not only high in sugar but sticky as well. Sticky foods can stay on the teeth and cause decay. Offer your children healthier versions of these treats, such as fruit leather or fresh fruit slices instead. These treats are full of fiber and other nutrients that will benefit your child's health. Long-term, it is important for kids to get a balance of sweet snacks and vegetables.
  • Acidic foods like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, and even wine can break down tooth enamel and cause white spots to form. If children want to eat these foods, have them drink water afterward to wash away the acids present in their teeth and gums.
  • Avoid giving your child chewy and hard foods such as hard candies, nuts, and popcorn kernels, as they can cause broken or chipped teeth.
  • Nuts are a healthy alternative to sticky candies because they are full of protein, vitamins, and healthy fats. They are also great for digestion, so if your child eats a well-balanced meal with veggies and some meat, then a handful of almonds as a snack is a great addition. Since they are small and have a high-calorie count,

Supervise Kids During Thanksgiving Dinner

Sometimes, kids may have a hard time sitting down at the table to eat dinner. They may try to run around the kitchen and play with their food. However, this can spoil any foods that are easily spoiled by bacteria. This includes types of candy like gummy bears and caramels. Parents should make sure that their kids behave properly while they eat. They should make sure they're not running around with dirty hands or throwing food around, for example. This will prevent the foods from being contaminated with bacteria that can harm their dental health.

If a child does end up eating many unhealthy candies and other treats during the holiday, parents can talk to a pediatric dentist about their options for improving the child's smile. For example, if the child is suffering from cavities, the dentist can offer help to fix the issue right away, so it doesn't get worse over time. 

By supervising their children carefully, moms and dads can ensure that their kids are keeping their teeth clean and healthy throughout the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This will help them avoid getting cavities or other problems.

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