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Importance of Dental Sealants For Children in Modesto, CA

Posted by Modesto Kidz Dental on Jun 1 2018, 05:43 AM

Protecting the children is a duty of parents; thus giving them enough and much-needed attention, nutrients, education, and care is essential for their growth which can benefit them in the long run. While keeping their teeth healthy with proper dental hygiene and care, some factors can still cause harm to their teeth. Molars or the teeth that are located at the back of the mouth are harder to reach with just brushing and flossing which makes it difficult in keeping it clean and under control. But thanks to the advances in dentistry, dental treatment is available to keep our children’s teeth easier to clean and manage. Modesto Kidz Dental specializes in preventing dental complications from developing and also in keeping the children’s dental health in check with the help of Dental Sealants.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants consist of plastic materials applied to the chewing surfaces of Molars. The structure of a Molar has deep grooves and fixtures in the center on which food particles are likely to get stuck to and accumulate. Food particles can produce bacterias, and these can create acids that can attack the teeth leading to decay. The Molars are usually harder to clean making it vulnerable to caries and decay. Once a child’s tooth has been damaged especially the molars, it makes chewing and talking harder. Damaged teeth can cause pain, discomfort and it can even progress to a more severe issue if not treated early. Prevention is always better than cure, and Dental Sealants is an excellent way of keeping your children’s teeth protected from decay or caries. Since dental sealants are applied on the chewing areas, it covers the top part of the teeth including the deep grooves and fissures. Once it is covered, the teeth’s surface is smoothened making it harder for bacteria to enter and damage the teeth.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

- Dental Sealants can be used not only in the children’s permanent teeth but also their milk teeth. Milk teeth are often disregarded since they would eventually fall out, but this should not be practiced because milk teeth would serve as the guide for the eruption of the permanent teeth.

- It can help save money by taking preventive measures instead of taking action if the damage already requires a much-complicated treatment.

- Sealants can also be placed on the teeth that have deep grooves aside from molars. These teeth may be easy to clean, but food particles can still be left in these areas that can cause problems.

- The application of Dental Sealants is a non-invasive procedure making it a comfortable treatment for your children without triggering anxiousness that can develop to anxiety and phobia.

- Sealants can keep your children’s teeth healthy and away from bacterias that can cause damage and decay to their optimum and beautiful smile.

Get added protection for your children’s teeth with Dental Sealants in Modesto, CA. Book your appointment with Modesto Kidz Dental! Our dental office is located at 2801 Coffee Road, Bldg. B, Modesto, CA 95358.

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