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Posted by Modesto Kidz Dental on Nov 21 2020, 02:59 AM

Explore your options for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry consists of several techniques to induce relaxation in order to help control discomfort and anxiety. The various sedation processes are administered for a wide range of applications so that patients can get the oral health care they need. It is very beneficial for people who are scheduled to undergo extensive dental work.

There are three main sedation tactics that you can use; however, your medical history and other unique factors will determine the right choice for you.

Oral sedation

This sedation technique may make you drowsy enough to fall asleep. Depending on the medication you are prescribed, you may need to stay away from food and drink 8 hours before your given appointment. This is the main reason that many patients fix their appointments in the morning. Remember that you will need someone to drive you from the office as you will feel drowsy after this sedation process.

IV Sedation

In this technique, the dentist inserts an IV line into a vein in the crook of the patient’s arm. The main benefit of an IV line is that it will provide a steady flow of medication that will make you unconscious for the entire dental procedure.

Laughing gas

This sedation tactic is safe for patients of all ages because you will be aware and awake during the procedure. In case, if you have a dental phobia, the dentist will recommend you laughing gas to help you relax in the chair. Unlike other types of sedation, laughing gas is quick to wear off which means you will not feel drowsy and will be able to drive yourself home or office.

Sedation Dentistry Modesto CA professionals who are experienced and certified can guide you in sedation processes. You can also consult them for choosing the suitable and safe sedation dentistry technique for you according to your health and age.

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