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What Endodontists Do for Patients

Posted by Modesto Kidz dental on Jan 28 2022, 06:31 AM

General dentistry caters to dental needs that maintain overall oral hygiene and dental health. Nagging tooth pain and terrible discomfort may force you to consult a general dentist. But some of us have heard the term “endodontist” for the first time when a general dentist refers to them to focus and diagnose the condition inside the tooth.

Endodontists are specially trained dentists who save your infected or decayed tooth. Tooth pulp, a mass of connective tissues, may get inflamed due to tooth decay and frequent dental procedures. Such conditions are diagnosed and treated by a trained endodontist. They are highly skilled with advanced techniques and superior technologies to save your natural smile with high-quality care.

Top 7 Reasons to Opt an Endodontist for Preserving Healthy Smiles

  • Better emergency dental care
  • Highly trained with advanced dental equipment
  • Tooth extraction with minimal pain
  • Performs root canals with expert precision
  • Preserves infected tooth
  • Ensures patient comfort at all times
  • Accurate diagnosis and efficiency

Root Canal Treatment: A Common Endodontic Procedure

The root canal is a common endodontic procedure to save infected and inflamed teeth. The inflammation in the tooth pulp is mainly caused due to deep cavities, cracks, repeated dental treatments, and injuries. An untreated infection in the tooth pulp may cause discomfort like tooth sensitivity, terrible pain, gum swelling, and eventually tooth loss.

An endodontist demonstrates their excellence in root canal treatment in which infected tissues of tooth pulp are removed from the root canal. They clean the inside surface of the tooth and fill the space with rubbery substances to keep the teeth strong and protected from cracking while eating. Sometimes, a crown is added on the top of teeth to prevent tooth fracturing. 

An endodontist can treat infection and alleviate pain with exceptional experience and expertise. Endodontics is the best option to preserve your teeth in case of an infected root canal or tooth pulp. The right consultation with an endodontist at the right time can save your natural teeth from further damage.

See an Endodontist

Any lingering pain in and around a tooth should never be ignored. If left untreated for a long time, it may pose a serious threat to your overall health. Seek medical attention with an expert endodontist to discuss customized treatment options if you have severe ongoing tooth pain.

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