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When your child needs a pulpectomy treatment?

Posted by Modesto Kidz Dental on Feb 7 2021, 02:38 AM

The most common reason for a child need a pulpectomy treatment is the infected pulp which happens when a cavity went untreated for too long. If your child complains of pain when cold, hot, or sweet things touch teeth, then there are chances that your child has pulpitis which is the inflammation of the pulp. The tooth sensitivity is usually the first sign that your kid may have tooth decay.

Some common dental problems which you should not ignore

The doctor will recommend a pulpotomy treatment if, upon dental examination, it is found that your kid has caries that has affected the pulp in the crown. If your child has irreversible pulpitis caused by tooth decay, where the pulp in the tooth is severely damaged, then the pulpectomy or tooth extraction process is preferred.

Often, a pulpectomy is performed on kids who still have their baby or half-hardy teeth. The roots of the baby tooth are somewhat different from the roots of the permanent tooth; the baby teeth have shorter roots that are meant to be finally reabsorbed by the body. This is the main reason that dentists prefer pulpectomy treatment for kids.

Can your child avoid a pulpectomy?

Encouraging good dental care habits in children, starting at a very young age, helps in protecting their teeth and also reduce the risk for decay or infection. According to the American Dental Association, starting good oral care habits early keeps kids’ teeth and mouths healthy for many years to come.

Regular dental visits are also a very important thing. You can consult Dentist in Modesto, such as a Modesto Kidz Dental professional who can help you in choosing a suitable and affordable dental treatment for your child.

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