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Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

Posted by Modesto Kidz dental on Apr 13 2022, 03:57 AM

Dental X-rays are images of the teeth that help the dentist to identify problems in the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaws. It is used to evaluate the oral health of the person by using low levels of radiation to capture images. The images of the interior of the teeth and gums are taken to prevent any severe problems from occurring in the future. 

Why Are Dental X-rays Important? 

Dental X-rays are important as they take a look at what is going inside the mouth. They help the dentist to see anything from the tip of the roots and underneath the gums. Dentists can screen anything via a dental X-ray. They help the dentist to see the condition of a person's teeth, roots, facial bone composition, or jaw placement. 

Dental X-rays enable the dentist to treat problems earlier in their development. It helps to detect problems that cannot be seen through a visual examination. They show decay between existing fillings, bone loss in the jaw, cysts, abscesses, or any changes in the bone due to infection.

Dental X-rays are crucial as it helps the dentist identify symptoms of infection before they become obvious. With the x-ray images, the dentist can diagnose dental infections before they become worse. It is also important for the patient as it helps them to save money, and avoid discomfort as the condition is treated beforehand. 

Dental X-rays are also significant in children as they are performed to determine if there is any decay developing in their teeth, or if the teeth are impacted. It also shows if wisdom teeth are developing, or whether there is enough space in the mouth for the upcoming teeth.

How Often Dental X-rays Should be Performed?

How often X-rays need to be performed depends on the dental history and current condition of the person. Some people may need it every six months while some others may only need it every couple of years. 

The dentist uses X-rays on all their new patients to have an idea about their oral health condition. Children are more likely to have dental X-rays often for the dentist to monitor the growth of their adult teeth. 

Dental X-rays are more often taken in people who are at high risk for dental problems. 

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